Saturday 14 March 2020

Saturday was a strange one. The sporting calendar had been decimated in most countries around the world. I guess that’s when you know it is serious.

The number of cases overnight meant that the Spanish government had to act fast. They declared a lockdown with effect from 8am on Monday morning with severely restricted movement. We decided we might as well go immediately into lockdown mode. It’s not the first time for us having experienced restrictions in both Tunisia and Libya, but both of those occasions had only been for a short time and with a very visible and audible threat.

It was a beautiful sunny day in Spain. We are very lucky in that we have three separate outside spaces in our house. The small garden isn’t very usable at this time of year but the rooftop sun terrace and the balcony off the lounge are afternoon suntraps. That should prevent too much cabin fever.

We figured that life wouldn’t be too bad if we could still sit on the balcony and watch the sun set with a G&T and some naked popcorn. Psychologically it’s papering over the cracks but you have to make the most of the small pleasures in life when they come your way.

Travelling back to the UK on Monday was obviously not going to happen. Technically, being resident in Spain, we would be breaking the law anyway as travel was only to get back to your primary residence. We were already at ours.

EasyJet, however, were unsympathetic to our plight saying we were welcome to change our flights to a later date. What random flights should we choose and why should we pay a surcharge because those future flights were more expensive than the ones we had bought?

IPTV, Netflix and Amazon Prime are clearly going to be important in the time ahead! This was the first of what will no doubt be many “movie nights”. Check out Dark Waters if you want an inspiring tale about someone fighting hard against the big boys of corporate America.

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