Thursday 12 March 2020

We knew it was coming. Let’s face it, anyone who was still in denial needed their head examining. Even so, the idea of our comfortable lives changing beyond all recognition is a frightening prospect and it’s very hard to anticipate exactly what those changes are going to entail.

We had a lot to do in anticipation of a lockdown in Spain. For a start, we were supposed to be flying to Morocco for work Friday to Sunday. That obviously wasn’t going to happen so I spent most of Thursday morning on the phone to Iberia who couldn’t do anything to help, and our work’s insurers who were equally powerless because no government advice had yet been given. Simply not wanting to go wasn’t a good enough reason not to go. No thought of social responsibility or anything.

Things changed rapidly through the day and before too long our flights had been cancelled anyway. Iberia won’t refund our money. Luckily our employer has agreed to meet the costs we cannot get refunded. Hurrah for Cambridge Assessment English!

There’s more though. On Monday we were supposed to be flying to the UK as my Grandma died recently and her funeral is coming up. That left a lot of questions about whether we should even consider travelling and potentially bringing the virus with us. We are fairly sure that we are virus-free but who knows what the situation at the airport would be and with whom we would be mingling.

And that was it for Thursday. Life was going to continue as normal for now. Trish went out to teach as normal, I taught my online classes, and life was good.

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