Monday 16 March 2020

Now the lockdown is official. It’s “only” 15 days from today but the government are already saying they expect it to go on much longer. If lessons from China and Italy have been learned then perhaps we’ll get away with 30 days but we doubt that somehow. Only time will tell.

Anyway, first things first this morning was the battle with EasyJet. With an hour to go before we would have been considered no-shows at the airport the “cancel and request refund” option finally appeared on our booking. Talk about leaving it late. So, our refunds should be actioned soon and two people in need of repatriation to the UK should be able to travel instead of us. Frustrating but the right outcome in the end.

We managed to go shopping too. The Royal Decree says we should only travel individually when we have to leave the house so this is probably our last journey out together for some time. We got to Consum and parked up to find an orderly queue of people all nicely spaced. As Brits we are quite used to a lot of personal space but this must be painful for the Spanish! We waited for about an hour to get in. A maximum of 40 shoppers were allowed inside at any one time and then it was one-in-one-out. Once inside we had to use the hand sanitiser and put on gloves which were provided. It’s a shame that some people took them straight off as soon as they were inside. Do they not realise how this works? Anyway we now have enough fruit and veg to see us through the week and some San Miguel IPA to try at some stage! If you don’t like skimmed milk you might need to get there earlier as that’s all that was left. Luckily that’s what we have anyway. As for toilet rolls (I know you are interested!) we don’t know as our supplies are fine right now. Shopping wasn’t an unpleasant experience and everyone seemed calm and resigned to the situation.

Back at home it was time to establish the routine. This week I have no work because we were supposed to be in the UK. It’s also why we had no food and had to go out! The routine is going to look like this we suppose, with a few adjustments when my online classes start again next week.

Get up – have breakfast – do something relatively constructive – work out in our home gym – shower – lunch – do something perhaps more constructive – eat dinner – watch TV – go to bed. Oh the excitement!!

As it is I am getting caught up with missing blogs on and then I can finally write up the missing entries from our Myanmar trip two years ago! Trish’s travel journal is going to be so handy when I get around to it!!

Our TV viewing in the evening after some delicious roast chicken was another episode of Hunters on Prime and the first episode of the new series of The Good Karma Hospital. Such rich and wonderful lives we lead! We really need to go back to Sri Lanka though as that’s where the latter was filmed.

Of course, the Internet keeps us going. There is talk that speeds will be throttled by around 75% so there is enough bandwidth for everyone. I don’t think that’s unreasonable for those of us with super-fast fibre. It’s hard to keep up with news when the situation is changing so rapidly but you can’t help but feel angry when you see your countrymen disregarding the issue in Benidorm and being disrespectful to the authorities. I think they should be identified and have their passports taken off them when they get home so they can’t bring such shame on their nation again. Harsh? Fair I think!!

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