Tuesday 17 March 2020

Happy St Patrick’s Day! It’s also the 5th anniversary of us buying our house in Spain. Sadly it’s cloudy, grey and wet too. No celebrations for us though, but a lot of reflection. Today is the day we all thought would never happen, the day when we said goodbye to Grandma. Obviously this whole situation meant I wasn’t there but my cousin Lindsey connected to me on Messenger and I was able to hear the service. The minister had to read my bit, but I did record the poem and set it to photos of this wonderful lady who will be badly missed by everyone that knew her. RIP Grandma. xxx

Today is the day we never thought would come, the day we say goodbye to Grandma. So sorry I can't be there with all the family to celebrate her life. Here's a recording of what I was supposed to say today, and some wonderful memories to accompany it.Richard, Rachael, Tracey, Joanne, Lindsey, Chris and Ruth, you have lost your Grandma too. United in grief we can be sure that she was proud of each and every one of us and our very diverse lives. I shall be with you in spirit today and raise a toast with you from afar.Rest In Peace Grandma.

Posted by Russ Pearce on Tuesday, 17 March 2020

That aside it’s been quite a day in this brave new world. Spain is closing its land borders to all but citizens and residents with effect from midnight tonight. The UK seems to have finally woken up to the seriousness of the situation and issued a global travel ban for all but essential journeys. Watching the TV and speaking to friends though, it seems the general populous haven’t quite grasped the gravity of what is going on – except for those stripping the supermarket shelves bare of course, which is despicable.

Today was about establishing that routine. Trish listens to music while working out but I watch TV. Having finished Altered Carbon I have now started Travelers so thanks to everyone who recommended that to me. So, the routine of “Get up – have breakfast – do something relatively constructive – work out in our home gym – shower – lunch – do something perhaps more constructive – eat dinner – watch TV – go to bed” has gone according to plan. It even led to the creation of this blog!  Trish has been marking homework which she was staggered to receive!!

The image above is NOT the Spanish advice for self-isolation. It would be lovely if we could go for a walk or a jog, or even for a drive. These activities are firmly in the red column here in Spain though. Going to the gym is also in the red zone but we feel as ours is at home we are safe enough working out. Trish’s lovely cake continues to diminish so it’s very important!!

There have been some stories to amuse us today too. Maybe it’s the gallows humour of siege mentality kicking in! Someone in Murcia tried to get around isolation by dressing up as a dinosaur. The police soon put paid to that idea, and the same went for the man in Palencia, northern Spain, who tried to take a stuffed dog out for a walk! And for those with other priorities, Porn Hub is now free for users in Spain!!!!

In other news, my phone is dying. I have ordered another one on Amazon and have taken the liberty of trying an Amazon Locker pick-up. This will be a new experience for me and will avoid any human contact unless the police stop me on my way to collect. I will travel solo though, as the police are going to start clamping down on people sharing their cars.

There’s also news on my ever growing hair. I know it’s not that long really, but the greys are taking hold! Well, hiding in a cupboard upstairs I found my old hair clippers so they are now charging. They could probably do with oiling but I’m going to chance it anyway. Who knows, maybe I’ll even video the process!!!!!

And I know you are all dying to know what we are eating and what we are watching on TV tonight. Well, I cooked Chinese tonight. Hope that’s not insensitive in the current climate. We’ll be watching the latest instalment of Manifest tonight. Highly recommended if you’ve never seen it.

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