Wednesday 18 March 2020

Well, what a day in this brand new world. Spain is stopping all internal flights (but allowing one per day to and from the islands), my new phone is ready for collection at the Amazon Locker and the UK has finally woken up and cancelled school from the end of the week. We knew how serious it was when they stopped filming Eastenders and cancelled the Eurovision Song Contest! Sadly in real life infection rates continue to rise rapidly and deaths are scarily on the increase too, but we continue to feel fine. The sun came out too but the breeze was a bit too chilly to make any use of our outdoor spaces.

The routine worked well today so I won’t bore you with the details other than continuing to express my thanks to those who recommended Travelers! The productive activity of the morning was going to be bread making. The bread machine has not been used in an awful long time so once it had been properly cleaned I set out to make some bread but was thwarted immediately as we don’t have any yeast and the flour is not self-raising! Oh well, one of us will have to go shopping again soon. I then thought about taking the dog out for its constitutional (as you can’t take it for a walk) but as we don’t have a dog I had to improvise!

The afternoon’s productive activity was getting our hair cut! Unable to venture out or have someone come to us as we are neither elderly (careful!) or infirm. That meant a bit of DIY. The old clippers were located but the battery has not charged despite being plugged in over many hours so an extension lead into the garden was required. A bit of oil would have been nice. Maybe I’ll try that next time. I’m happy with the result and Trish even trusted me to give her a bit of a trim.

I got another blog written too. If you like my writing and have an interest in Spain, take a look at Today’s entry was all about our trip to Rota in Andalucia which is near the big American Naval air base there.

I did warn that this blog could get mundane after a few days. Luckily there’s lots of coronavirus humour doing the rounds. Hopefully nobody gets too offended when people choose to have a lighthearted view of a very dark subject. This one particularly tickled me because of my love (!) of the bagpipes. Enjoy!!

It’s probably movie night again tonight. Ford v Ferrari was an excellent film about Ford’s ambition to win the Le Mans 24 Hour race in the 1960s.

Terrible news just in too:

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