Thursday 19 March 2020

A break from the routine today! We both got so busy with a few jobs around the house that we ran up and down the stairs so often making a full workout unnecessary!! The lounge is now in summer mode with the winter rug put away. Let’s hope that doesn’t come back to bite us.

I managed a small trip out to collect my new phone. Isn’t technology magic?! This was my first experience using Amazon lockers. Type in your six-digit number and a door opens revealing your package inside. No contact with another human being which in these uncertain times is definitely a good thing.

It was eerily quiet in the streets though. There was a reason for this apocalyptic scene: Fathers’ Day. In Spain it is celebrated on 19 March, St Joseph’s Day (San Jose, the father of Jesus) and is a public holiday in the Valencia community. That meant that all the shops were closed making it even quieter than it would have been in this new normality. Other than a couple of mask-wearing dog walkers I didn’t see another soul. Not even a policemen checking why I was out of the house or if I was in the car by myself. After speaking to a neighbour later we now know these checks (and associated fines) are definitely happening.

Setting up a new phone takes time. In fact it’s probably going to take days to rid it of all the pop-up notifications and sounds. The most persistent offenders have been dealt with already but some will slip through the cracks. The realme 5 Pro seems to take pretty good photos too, even through barred windows (see below), but that’s not the reason I bought it. 16GB of memory was proving far too small as I have increased my smartphone usage. This beast shouldn’t slow down quite as quickly.

Freedom outside the bars

Talking of tech things, yesterday I posted a link about a free week of Football Manager. Well, having downloaded it, it’s not going to happen! Talk about complex. I yearn for the days of a simpler version of that game so I’ll be giving it a miss. I have much better things to do with my time!!

On the virus front, nothing much has changed in Spain. Numbers seem to be jumping at a frightening rate but we still haven’t heard of any cases in our immediate area. One of the popular entertainers on the Orihuela Costa and Torrevieja circuit has tested positive though, so now they are trying to get hold of anyone who was at a Nikki Nok gig in the past two weeks. Scary times eh? The announcement that schools in the UK are all closing on Friday comes as no great shock and our hearts go out to those whose plans are now in disarray over school exams. Hopefully they can come to a sensible decision about this.

The gallows humour continues. Today’s favourite was definitely the shipwrecked man hiding from the cruise liner! There was also an excellent Coronavirus parody of Bohemian Rhapsody but I haven’t seen a recording of it yet. Hopefully someone will do it as it was excellent.

On the entertainment front we’ve been plodding on with Amazon Prime’s Hunters. Just one episode to go now. Guess what we’ll be doing tomorrow!!

Hope anyone reading this continues to be healthy and strong. Like so many people I began with the thinking that this was an overreaction but as the number of deaths jumps daily (and not just the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions either – front line service workers are definitely putting their lives on the line) the realisation of how serious this could become if people don’t follow the rules is beginning to hit home. Let’s just hope it works.

Oh, and a bit of sunshine wouldn’t go amiss either. Can’t believe it is self-isolating too!

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