Saturday 21 March 2020

So as we enter our second week of Spain’s State of Emergency, it’s time to reflect on what is happening. It’s a sad state of affairs but this lockdown is looking absolutely necessary and not even close to an overreaction. We try not to think about the numbers too much as they are really quite frightening. We continue to be healthy and our routine is going well. The major concern for everyone is that the UK had the chance to take similar action. To say their preferred “nudge theory” method is a bit of a gamble is a bit of an understatement. Good luck everyone. Keep washing those hands and keeping your social distance!

It feels like we didn’t do a lot today. The weather certainly didn’t help. This would be so much easier if we could sit out on the balcony and enjoy the sunshine, but the sun is in self-isolation too, and that looks likely to continue for a while yet.

I got another blog written on so if you are seeing this, why not take yourself on a virtual tour of Spain via my ramblings?! Of course, the usual cleaning, washing and domestic chores continue, but they are hardly compulsive reading topics. Trish had another constructive day in the kitchen replacing the now fully digested fruit cake she made last week with a delightful carrot cake. This, naturally, strengthens our resolve to have an intense workout in our home gym every day!

My persistence with Ryanair has finally paid off but like many people I was getting worried by the constant error responses on their website. Today they decided to formally cancel Trish’s flight on 3 April and sent an email accordingly. The link from that email worked first time so if you have friends in a similar position please let them know. How long it takes for a refund to actually come through is another matter entirely! As is the case with EasyJet and they have invited me to check in for my flight on 3 April!! I’m sure they will cancel in due course. Who knows what will happen with our summer travel plans but in time I’m now sure it will all get sorted out.

A housebound Saturday with no sport on TV is a nightmare for many people. It was a bit unpleasant for me to be honest, but a flick through various channels and I found a live event. Chess! I kid you not!! I gave up when the game was declared a draw after I had seen just one move completed and they got into the post-match analysis. Zzzzzzzzz!

Live chess on the TV!

More entertaining was the joke of the day:

“My mate David had his ID stolen. We call him Dav now!”

Yeah, sorry about that! My favourite meme of the day is probably better but in pretty poor taste.

Talking of my mate David, as we were, I do have a friend called David who is a talented musician. He’s written a song about lockdown and I thought I would share it with you. Enjoy!

Here's my new song "I'm stuck in lockdown". Had to do this in one take as Dylan the Hat ate Sandra's pieces of paper.**Stuck in lockdown****(Chorus}****I’m stuck in lockdown, nobody comin’ round****I’m stuck in lockdown. can’t even go to town****Stay at home drinking tea, runnin’ out of 43****Smokin’ like a chimney, no-one here but you and me****Worse than bein’ on the dole, runnin’ out of toilet roll****Nobody comin’ round, I’m stuck in lockdown**{Verse 1}I’m feelin’ destitute, lonely as a prostituteCan’t seem to wake up, think I’ll wear some make upMore bored by the hour, think I’ll have another showerTired of the box sets, how bad’s it gonna getBad news all day, no chance to get awayNo way to go to town, I’m stuck in lockdown**(Chorus as above}**{Verse 2}Bored in the living room, went to the bedroomJoggin’ to the bathroom, whole house is like a tombLooked in the kitchen, that place is bitchin’Sandra’s eaten all the cheese, so I got down on my kneesThen I prayed to the lord, told him I was very boredIn the street not a sound, I’m stuck in lockdown**(Chorus as above}****(SOLO)**{Verse 3}One day we’ll get away, go on a holidayMaybe visit every bar, have a whisky from a jarGet some cash and fill the car, drive down to GuardamarMight go swimmin’ in the sea, just for fun climb a treeGet some scissors cut my hair, tell you that I wouldn’t careTill that day comes around, I’ll be stuck in lockdown

Posted by David Wilkinson on Friday, 20 March 2020

Some other friends have also been sharing their experiences of lockdown in Spain. Fiona had a great piece about life in Seville in the Guardian and Observer, whilst Pamela has published her experiences of the situation in Santander. Please follow the links and have a read.

No exciting recipes to share with you today. A simple spaghetti and meatballs dinner washed down with some fabulous wine was satisfying enough for us! MTV Classic had a great mix of music with their top 100 guilty pleasures from the 80s! After dinner, and with the countdown still at around 75, we settled down for a Saturday night film. Midway was excellent and highly recommended on the largest TV screen you can find!

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