Monday 23 March 2020

Wow, day 8 already of the official lockdown. It’s getting a bit tedious to be honest, especially as it just keeps on raining! Still, if we stick to our routine and obey the restrictions, hopefully we’ll come through this relatively unscathed.

Whilst numbers continue to be alarming (at last the word exponential has real meaning!) it is at least refreshing that the UK has finally decided to get real with the situation. I think Boris could have been a bit more forceful rather than relying on the will of the British public, but hopefully it’s the start of everyone really understanding what is going on here.

The routine was slightly skewed today by the fact that I had classes to teach. Sadly it seems the attitude of my students has been affected by the global aviation industry disaster that is unfolding around us. Still, it was nice to speak to those who did bother to show up. For my own sanity I hope that this is a temporary blip but there are only three weeks of the course left so I fear not. There are now many teachers teaching their subjects online, and I wish them all the best of luck maintaining both their own efforts and that of their charges too.

Trish went out shopping in the morning during my first class. Here’s her report! Iceland and Mercadona fairly well stocked. No toilet roll or fresh milk. Lots of men with lists looking flummoxed! No queues to get in and very short queues at the tills. Police at the footie ground on way back but didn’t get stopped. Had receipt handy just in case as shopping was in the boot! Another friend confirmed that the police are indeed checking cars for both the number of people inside and the reason for being out and about.

I managed to get yet another blog published. It was about the last night of our January trip to Andalusia. We went to the Sierra Nevada mountains but there was no snow! Oh well, I had an arm injury anyway so skiing might have been a bit foolish.

Talking of that arm injury, I have been waiting for an MRI scan for about 6 weeks now. Here in Spain there is an app called Yo Salud which allows you to manage your medical appointments. Thanks to this app a doctor has confirmed that I will have to wait until after this crisis but he has given me a digital prescription in case the pain gets any worse. I’m hoping not to have to use it, but isn’t that a great development in a situation like this.

Music and humour are sooooooo important!

Thanks to my work, Trish was on cooking duty. Iceland’s meat pies are delicious! After dinner we settled in for a bit of TV. BBC has had a great serious about immigrant stories in the UK. It’s called “A Very British History” if you want to catch up. Having watched the Vietnamese Boat People episode a few weeks ago we had been looking forward to catching up on the other stories. Sadly two of them have disappeared from the iPlayer so we were left with just the inspiring tale of how Bangladeshi families overcame the horrific racism of the 1970s and 1980s in the UK, and their trip back to Bangladesh to keep their children in touch with their roots.

I think I’ve given up fighting for refunds for now, but things seem to be happening by themselves. The car rental which we were unable to cancel last week in the UK has been refunded in principle. Let’s see how long it takes for the money to appear in the account. We were also due to go to the theatre next week to see Nouvelle Vague in concert. It seems the refund for that one will be automatic. Bravo to the Teatro Circo de Murcia!

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  1. I love Nouvelle Vague, what a shame you’ll miss them. Didn’t realise they were still going.

    1. Thanks Aaron. A big blow but if we all come out of this sane and healthy it will have been worth it. We’ll put a NV album on full blast that night as we have no neighbours!

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