Tuesday 24 March 2020

This far into lockdown, questions are beginning to be asked. The main question right now is “When will it stop raining?” If we could sit on our balcony in the sun and relax then life would be much more pleasant. Instead we are retreating further indoors, the electric radiator has been dragged out again, and we are mopping up some leaks we never knew existed. I even made soup for lunch! Please can someone tell the sun that it doesn’t need to self isolate. We are lucky though. Just 30km away in Los Alcazares they are having to deal with flooding as well as social isolation.

¡La misma pesadilla de siempre! Los Alcázares (Murcia) 24-03-2020

¡La misma pesadilla de siempre! 🌧⚠ Esta mañana (24/03/2020), así está la situación en el municipio de #LosAlcázares (#Murcia). Calles inundadas, agua entrando a las cocheras. Vídeo vía La Opinion.Episodio de precipitaciones caracterizado por la persistencia, y no por la torrencialidad como en septiembre 2019. No obstante, se superan los 100 l/m² en lo que va de martes en diversos puntos del entorno del Mar Menor y Campo de Cartagena. A esto se le une una pésima ordenación y gestión del territorio.

Posted by MeteOrihuela on Tuesday, 24 March 2020

It was my turn to go shopping today. I ventured out in torrential rain to negotiate the deep puddles which are fast becoming flooded roads. First stop was Lidl. Wow! I’ve never seen it so empty. The few people in there were good at keeping their distance except for one woman who just couldn’t wait for me to finish picking up some cereal. No, she had to physically squeeze past me (Oh no! Bodily contact!) to grab what she wanted instead of waiting an extra five seconds. The shelves were well stocked with just a few items on my list unavailable. Shouldn’t really complain that they only had fine porridge oats instead of the chunky stuff we like. Well, the fine version produces something akin to Ready Brek!

Next it was Mercadona to pick up a few things Trish couldn’t get yesterday. Once again it was quiet and people kept their distance. The wet slippery floors seemed to be more of a danger than anything else. Shopping at 10am seems to be quite an easy task but I do wonder how many folk put off this task waiting for the rain to stop.

A hard hitting social distancing advisory.

The routine continues unabated but I think I have overdone the gym a little. For those who are still concerned about us going to the gym, it is a set of weights and a cross-training machine in our office. Don’t worry, we’re not mingling with other sweaty bodies! Anyway, I think my body needs a day off from pumping iron!! If only we could go for a walk which is surprisingly an acceptable activity in the UK’s not-really-a-lockdown.

My work was ok today. The students were alert and enthusiastic which was nice. We exchanged stories of lockdowns before getting down to work. I think everyone is totally fed up already but we know it’s for the greater good. Let’s hope it works.

For those who are working online for the first time, there are a some things you need to think about. Tilt your screen or webcam so you are actually in it otherwise the person at the other end might just see your forehead or the ceiling! Also, make sure other people around you know that you are broadcasting live online otherwise this could happen to you like it did to this poor Italian woman!!

When the wife dosen't tell you she's working online 🤣

Posted by Gamboa Yaocuicatl on Saturday, 21 March 2020

There are some strange stories out there now about people avoiding Coronavirus. I’ve seen pictures of people dressed as dinosaurs and dogs, but that was well and truly beaten when a couple went out disguised as bags of rubbish! I could fill this blog with videos and memes but I am trying to stay disciplined. A story that made many people angry was of a pensioner in Madrid who was caught outside hunting Pokemon in the street. #WTF indeed!

At times like this we all need to keep ourselves occupied as much as possible. Now I’m teaching again I have a little less free time than I did, but oh how I wish I had some lego. Wouldn’t it be great to take part in this challenge.

Should I continue with the awful “joke du jour“? Ok, go on then.

What’s the difference between a poorly dressed man on a tricyle and a well dressed man on a bicycle? ATTIRE!

Sorry about that!!!!

The evening’s TV viewing was pretty good with a better than anticipated return to our screens of Our Girl. We also started a new series called The Stranger. Looking around the Internet we don’t seem to be watching as much TV as some of our friends though. How do you find the time???

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