Fruday 16 April 2020

Every day’s the same. At least it feels that way sometimes, which reminds me of a song by the Housemartins!!

I went shopping in the morning and managed to get this week’s paper rather than last week’s – a minor victory! I also got some nice steak again although the weekend weather forecast suggests it will be pan fried rather than barbecued. I missed a trick though. When I got home I discovered that it was apparently World Malbec Day and, had I known, we could have celebrated with a glass of our favourite Argentinian tipple.

Whilst I was out I got a message saying that my delivery was ready for collection at our nearest Amazon locker so once again I was able to marvel at this technological development. It’s much better than waiting at home to receive a call from the courier saying he can’t find where we live!!

A project for the weekend!

The rest of the morning was taken up with a very enjoyable class. Private classes mean teaching to my own agenda. It’s nice to be part of a teaching team imparting knowledge using a specific syllabus, but it’s far more enjoyable to allow a session to go with the flow sometimes. Teachers often learn from their students too. I had heard of the term “digital native” before, meaning someone who had grown up with technology as an integral part of their life. This is generally accepted as people born since 1985. But what is the opposite of a digital native? Would you believe it is a “digital immigrant” meaning someone for whom technology has been introduced into their life! We live and learn!!

We both managed our usual workouts after a day’s rest. You’ll be pleased to know that the plank programme is finally feeling a bit more challenging! All that weight I put on by taking prescribed tablets has now been shifted, but the pain in the arm has returned. I’m at a loss about what to do really, and there’s no chance of a doctor’s appointment until lockdown is over. For now, I’ll just continue putting up with it. I’m quite sure it’s some sort of tennis elbow and nothing more sinister.

I’m not really sure what happened to the afternoon! We didn’t start lunch until about 2.15 so by the time that was done, dusted and washed up it was probably getting on for 4pm. A bit of reading and suddenly it’s time for some trashy TV quiz show to pass the time before the early evening news roundup for the day, or perhaps Covid19 is producing some strange kind of time distortion. It’s quite possible, but I think we’d need to be travelling at the speed of light. If you want to learn more, this video is really good!

Friday night was, as usual, curry night. This time I did a Sri Lankan style fish curry which I think was up there with my best efforts. It was, perhaps, a bit spicier than Trish normally appreciates though! We had to wash it down with a bottle of rosé wine as there had been an incident in the fridge!! To start we had the onion bhajis which I had bought the other day. They should come with a warning as they are just too delicious. I definitely should not be allowed back in Pick n Pay without adult supervision!!

I got a little bit of a football fix cheering on FC Slutsk (what a name!) to victory in the Belarusian first division thanks to a live broadcast on YouTube! That wasn’t the evening’s entertainment. We loved the film Misbehaviour which told the story of the rise of the Women’s Lib movement as the founders gatecrashed the 1970 Miss World event.

As the song at the start of the blog says, every day seems to end this way. It’s no surprise that we lose track of what day it is! Thank god for humour eh!!

Let’s just hope our political leaders have more of a clue what they are doing than they seem to be demonstrating at times!

Stay safe and stay sane. And keep washing those hand. And why not sign up below to receive an email whenever I post a new blog???!!!!

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