Saturday 25 April 2020

A bit of a mixed bag of a day. Crap weather (again!) but some good news towards the end of the day. More of that later. Let’s start with a joke as crap as the weather then! The leader of the free world has left himself rather open to satire at the moment and I make no apology for littering today’s entry with some of that humour. If you are offended, you are offended and let’s just leave it there!

The morning flew by taken up by writing Lockdown Day 40, having a full workout in the gym (that plank programme has just got hard on Day 15!) and speaking to my Mum. It’s funny how those three activities are now enough to take up the entire morning after a leisurely breakfast.

Music has played quite a big part in my life so it’s no surprise that musical parodies are something I really enjoy. Who remembers the lion sleeping tonight to the sounds of “a-whim-a-way”? Well, this version is brilliant.

"THE LIAR TWEETS TONIGHT": The anti-Trump anthem we ALL need right now!

This is AMAZING!!! 👏👏👏Credit: Roy Zimmerman, follow him for more! Follow Occupy Democrats for anti-Trump content!

Posted by Occupy Democrats on Tuesday, 21 April 2020

It wasn’t quite a sport-free Saturday. In the afternoon I tried to watch some Belarussian top flight football again but it just isn’t working for me! Instead I got a Paella blog written. If you have ever wondered why there are no words to the Spanish national anthem, well now you can find out.

We watched another episode of Dark Tourist too. Episode 5 was in Europe, well, England and Cyprus to be more precise. Hardly Europe! It began with a World War 2 battle re-enactment in Paddock Wood, Kent. Not exactly dark tourism in our eyes. Neither was the trip to Cyprus when David Farrier climbed onto a platform to see Varosha, the ghost town near Famagusta which has been in stasis since 1974. He also swam too close to the ropes as he tried to get a glimpse from the northern side. Perhaps it’s our military past which included 3 years in Cyprus, but neither of those parts were exactly exciting for us to watch. The middle part of the episode was just simply creepy – and definitely dark tourism. Littledean Jail in Gloucestershire is in questionable taste and we are not sure why anyone would actually want to go there. It’s a House of Horror for sure with a collection of gruesome items including what was possible a tie worn by Fred West. The owner of the collection is friends with Charles Bronson and even spoke to him on the phone during the episode. Creepy, bad taste, or maybe just simply wrong!

We had a great hour or so chatting with friends in the UK on Messenger. They live close to us in Spain but have been stranded in Shropshire since lockdown began and their flights keep getting cancelled. Their daughter is quite thankful though as so much DIY has been done on the house! We really enjoyed having a drink together in a virtual soirée.

After dinner (oven cooked ribs if you were interested!) it was quiz time! This evening of brain-wracking entertainment was hosted by family in Devon and involved up to ten teams, although Zoom was misbehaving and some didn’t manage to take part as they had wished. It was chaotic at times but very well handled by Margaret, our quiz master. The questions were evil in places. Did you know that Grimsby Town football club had reached two FA Cup semi-finals? Maybe so, but could you name the years. Both years needed just to get one point! Could you name all nine of Santa’s reindeer? We couldn’t!!! We did get 16 of the 18 flags in the picture round though. It was a great night and hopefully we can do the same again next week.

During the quiz news broke of another change in Spain’s lockdown policy. It seems that from next Saturday we will be allowed to go out for a walk together. That’s subject to the numbers continuing to fall. For two successive days the number of deaths from Covid-19 has been under 400. That’s a horrific number to get excited about isn’t it.

The night was drawing to a close when another musical parody entered my life. I love this one!

There wasn’t even a White House press briefing this evening. Not sure why. I think he might be getting scared that everyone is taking the p***!

There was just time for one more musical interlude before bed. When we were in Argentina we fell in love with the music of Colombian singer Juanes. We even managed to see him in concert in Buenos Aires which was a magical experience. He has embraced the isolation of lockdown and produced a short concert with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Bogota. This shows that Zoom (or whatever was used to create it) can work well as each member of the orchestra was working from home! Don’t worry about the linguistic aspect of this, just admire the way everything is pieced together. Incredible.

Stay safe, stay sane, and stay sanitised.

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