Sunday 26 April 2020

So, six entire weeks under lockdown have now passed making it 45 days since we last went out for a stroll by the beach and sat outside for a coffee with other people around us. We are still fit and healthy so hopefully it has been worth it. The country “celebrated” the good news that there were fewer than 300 deaths in one day for the first time in over a month. What a horrific thing to be happy about but those are the times we now live in. Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic…

It was a beautiful day. Has summer come at last? That didn’t stop us from going to the gym in the morning but not a lot more got done. The afternoon was sat relaxing in the sun. Nice! Now if only our swimming pool was open. Sadly it’s undergoing some significant renovations and, being a communal pool, I doubt we would be able to use it anyway.

As the afternoon wore on we could see the storms inland and waited to see if they would try to come down to the coast. They didn’t and by barbecue time (!) the skies were clear again.

We usually have terrible problems getting packages delivered to our house in Spain. It’s not uncommon to receive a message saying our address doesn’t exist or that nobody was in (how would they know if they didn’t phone?!) but lockdown seems to have been a game changer. Amazon deliver on a Sunday. In Spain that’s a huge thing because no shops are open on a Sunday just like the good old days. This (independent white van man) driver was able to both find our address AND, wait for it, negotiate the buttons on his phone to let us know he was down at the gate! What was so important we needed it on a Sunday? Well, nothing too drastic but I have been using mesh grills on the barbecue and the other one was virtually destroyed by a sausage flare up!! These things are great as they leave very little mess behind and your food does not stick to the grill at all. You can see what I’m on about with this picture of the biggest pork chops we’ve had in Spain.

It had been a good day for children under 14 in Spain. Today was the day that they were allowed to go out with ONE adult from their household for a walk no further than 1km from their home (find out how far that is here). Sadly, pictures of crowded parks suggest that social distancing advice was completely ignored by a large minority. Let’s hope this disregard for public safety doesn’t put the kibosh on us being allowed out next Saturday.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while then you’ll know that Sunday evening revolves around BBC’s Race Across The World. The finale did not disappoint, although you do wonder how staged some of the delays and problems are sometimes. I simply don’t believe that some of the bottlenecks the contestants faced, allowing the race to be practically reset, happened by chance. No spoilers here though. You’ll have to watch it to find out what happened, or read about it elsewhere. Anyone want to apply to be on Series 3?

We had an added element for the concluding episode. Before we left the UK some 15 years ago, we were active members of a travel club known as the South Wales Travelbugs. We’ve kept in touch with them and joined them on trips to Poland and Cuba in those years. We all met for a group chat on Zoom before the airing of the programme and then some of us reconvened to talk about it afterwards. It was so much fun so thank you to everyone who participated.

So that was how week six of lockdown ended for us. The biggest decisions at weekends seem to be which bottle of wine to open. Not a bad problem to have really! We don’t drink during the week though, and a good job too or our alcohol intake may be rather more problematic!!

Stay safe everyone. Stay sanitised, and above all try to stay sane!

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