Friday the 54th of Lockdown.
(For the purpose of keeping consistency, it’s actually Friday 8 May 2020)

First and foremost, it was VE Day, celebrating 75 years since the end of World War 2 in Europe. Sadly those personnel fighting in South East Asia still had three more months of intense hardship to endure.

We were up bright and early again. This is going to kill me! We had another nice walk in the countryside near our house. I can’t imagine what it’s like if the 1km radius from your house consists of nothing but urban areas.

The rest of the morning was taken up with teaching and then a trip to the shop to get the weekly paper. I also picked up one of the Spanish sports rags AS, hoping to find a full review of what the Spanish football authorities had decided with regards starting the lower leagues and a complete overhaul of the league structure. (You can read all about it in Spanish here.) Sadly Thursday evening’s announcement must have happened after AS went to print. A Euro wasted, or just a bit of extra reading practice?! I should have known when all the other titles had sold out and that was all that was left!!

The afternoon whizzed by because I had another class to teach. That meant, teaching aside, a fairly unproductive day but I was pleased to see that the Peña Betica “manque pierda” de Elche (Real Betis supporters’ club in Elche, of which I am a member) had published a video that we had all made in a collective effort. Each one of us was given a part of the himno, the club’s anthem, to sing. Now I don’t claim to be a singer by any means, but I think I did ok for a guiri! I’m at 1:12 if you don’t want to see it all!


PEÑA BÉTICA MANQUE PIERDA DE ELCHEAquí tenemos el himno del Real Betis Balompié, cantado por alguno de nuestros socios, gracias por participarCONOCENOS EN FACEBOOK, TWITTER E INSTAGRAM

Posted by Peña Betica "manque pierda" de Elche on Friday, 8 May 2020

As you probably know by now, Friday night is curry night in our household most weeks. I do a pretty good job at cooking my own but it’s always good to let someone else work up a sweat on our behalf. Last week’s was ok, but this week our favourite curry house in Guardamar re-opened and I went to collect a take-away order. Oh man, Gurkha’s Tandoori know how to keep our business! We even got a free bottle of house wine, but that went in the wine rack for a later date. The poppadoms, onion bhajis and aloo tiki were a delicious taste of what was to come. Trish loved her lamb achari tikka bhuna, and my chicken dansak was fabulous, and they had even made it super spicy for me. It’s hard to imagine going back to cooking my own right now!!

BBC Four’s Tunes for Tyrants was good again, but once more there were some uncomfortable moments to watch. The musical stories from Auschwitz survivors were particularly bitter sweet. We got through another episode of Transplant too and it hasn’t eased off yet. If you get the chance, we really recommend watching both of these programmes.

Late in the evening things got serious. The Spanish government were announcing which regions would be allowed to move into Phase 1 of their plan to ease the lockdown. Madrid applied to move forwards but were rejected early in the proceedings, but we had a long time to wait to see what was happening in the Valencia community. It was far from clear cut and in the end decisions were made on the basis of which health authority you come under. Fortunately for us Torrevieja has been given the green light to move forwards, but our friends in Alicante, Elche and Valencia received the bad news that they are going to have at least another week on Phase Zero. Exact details of our new found “freedom” will be revealed over the weekend but it looks like I will be able to have a small gathering of friends on my birthday. We may even be able to go out for fish and chips on a terrace somewhere!

After that news, some humour is needed to lighten the mood.

Stay safe everyone. Sanitise often and do whatever you can to stay sane!

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