Monday 11 May 2020 (Phase 1 begins)

Week ten of the official lockdown began with a nice walk out into the countryside. It was a bit soggy in places after Sunday’s rain and our shoes were rather muddy by the time we got home.

I taught in the morning and learned that when typing in a Skype chat window you can use a tilde ~ before and after a word to create a strikethrough. A very useful tool for correcting mistakes. We also went to the gym as usual. Black Mirror was very dark! Season 4 Episode 5 featured a robotic guard dog. I was then quite disturbed to learn that in Singapore robotic dogs are going to be used to ensure social distancing!

We sat in the garden for a lot of the afternoon but the wind eventually strengthened to the extent that we couldn’t stay there. I also did a bit of pottering about in the garden but the upside down herb experiment looks likely to end in complete failure! The tomato plant is looking promising though. I haven’t killed it yet!!

I got the breadmaker out again during the afternoon. I don’t know what possessed me to add a load of fennel and cumin seeds to the loaf but I’m so glad I did. The flavour is incredible, and the half spoon of bicarbonate of soda added to the bread mix makes an immense difference.

It was pizza for dinner, but we try to make it healthier by only having three slices. No, not like this!

Our evening’s TV viewing sees us giving out rather mixed reviews. Killing Eve was, in our opinion, the worst episode ever. We hope it picks up in the final three parts. Transplant, as ever, was fantastic. We are now up to date with it and have to wait for the next instalment to be broadcast in Canada. We then tried the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off Station 19 but we won’t be bothering again. This cheesy, soapy, fire station drama just didn’t do it for us.

As you can see, moving onto Phase 1 of Spain’s master plan hasn’t changed our lives yet. We do have plans for these new found freedoms later in the week though.

In the mean time, let’s be grown up about this and all be sensible. Remember to be alert too!

You can’t have a bit of Boris bashing without bringing Trump in too, can you?!

Donald Trump x REM – Losing My Civilians

Donald Trump x REM – Losing My Civilians. Another brutal political mashup from (follow them!)

Posted by Scientists for EU on Monday, 11 May 2020

Stay safe, sane and sanitised. There is a light appearing at the end of this dark tunnel.

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