Tuesday 12 May 2020

The weather was a bit dodgy so we didn’t go out for a walk. A lie in then, only I had a class to teach so I did have to get up eventually. The theme of the class was thunderstorms! It’s amazing how much good meteorological aviation-related vocabulary can be elicited from a picture like this.

After my class we ventured out of the house together in the car for the first time in ten weeks! Our destination was Carrefour in Torrevieja. We were out of water filter cartridges and without them the tap water is disgusting here! Trust us to have bought a supermarket own brand filter system from a supermarket inaccessible to us during the strictest phase of lockdown. I managed to get a bottle of Emma orange gin too. Once again, they are the only place to stock it.

After ten weeks away from Carrefour, our bill was almost €100!! That was without buying any “unnecessary” luxuries either.

A lazy afternoon followed, but soon enough we were back in the gym working up a sweat. There may be no cake in the house, but there is still home-made bread!

Afternoons of doing nothing are rarely wasted though. I found a great Instagram account with quarantine postcards!

For dinner I took us back to Tunisia with a dish called ojja. Is it the same as shakshouka? Who knows! It seems there is some debate, but it is delicious nonetheless. Our favourite ojja was made with spicy merguez sausages, but I replaced them with mini bratwurst and extra chilli! The fennel and cumin bread I made was the perfect side dish for dipping.

Our TV viewing took us into a different world to any that we know, that of the ultra-orthodox Jews. The Netflix mini-series Unorthodox makes uncomfortable but compelling viewing. We ended up watching three of the four episodes which was not the plan!

So another exciting day of lockdown was successfully navigated. Confusion still reigns about travel restrictions in both Spain and the UK. A great example of how arbitrary it can be here is the urbanisation of Lo Crispin. It’s almost like and enclave of Algorfa sitting within the wrong health authority! Have a read and see how ridiculous it is. Still, could be worse!

Stay sanitised, sane, safe and well. We´ll get through this together.

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