Friday 15 May 2020

A tough day. This was the day we were supposed to fly for the UK for a footballing weekend with friends cheering on Brighton, then go to my Mum’s for my 50th, before heading off for a 6 week trip around Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia and Turkey. Well, we will be able to travel again one day so all these plans (except the football, of course) are merely postponed, not cancelled. We may be doing more to avoid Ryanair in the future though!

Luckily I had a full morning of teaching to distract me. In one class my student had watched a documentary about St Helena Airport and produced an amazing summary of the main points. If you are interested, take a look. It’s actually quite a fascinating story.

While I was doing that, Trish was busy getting her teeth pulled. Nothing to report there, nor from her shopping excursion either. Sadly, it seems our days of drinking Marston’s 61 Deep may be at an end as apparently there’s not even a space on the shelf for it any more.

The afternoon seems to have been a blur of funny memes and not-so-funny jokes. We didn’t even go to the gym. A day off is needed now and then. Here’s a selection of funnies for your entertainment!!

A moment of excitement came when the postman arrived. The other day we had bought plain white face masks in order to go out to eat fish & chips for lunch. Well, plain white is a bit boring for evening wear so we ordered something a bit more fun for the evenings. What do you think of mine?

The picture gives you a hint of what dinner was. Yes, another take-away from Gurkha’s Tandoori in Guardamar. Now, my curry may not look inviting, but it was a delicious chicken saag made extra spicy for me. It was superb. Don’t judge a book by its cover!

Post-dinner we finished off Tony Robinson’s global journey by train. It really is a whistle-stop tour. We would definitely take more time over almost everything he does. We also watched the latest episode of Transplant. This series has to go global so everyone can see it. After 11 episodes we are itching for the next one. Only two more to go in the first season though. Don’t criticise us for watching all this TV. We do normally switch it off and go and do something less boring instead. I guess only those of my age would recognise those words…

News broke in the evening that, after 14 hours of debate in the Spanish parliament, all the remaining health regions in Valencia will move to Phase 1 of easing the lockdown restrictions. It remains to be seen how that will change things but in the morning we expect to be told that we are free to move around the Alicante province rather than just within the Torrevieja health authority area. Here’s hoping common sense prevails.

Stay sanitised, sane and safe everyone. Let’s hope it really is the light at the end of the tunnel and not just someone coming towards us with a torch!

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