Saturday 16 May 2020

What a great day. Not sure I’ve said that very much over the last few months! It really was a great day though. The promised rain and thunderstorms never materialised, we got out and about, I drank some nice beers and spoke to friends, and there was good news for the Alicante province. Spare a thought for our friend Tom though, as he was hiding underneath the big blue blob near Gandía.

We didn’t manage to get up in time to have a walk within our exercise time slot. No, we had other plans! We engineered a walk split into four phases, all with a justified reason to be out and about, so no 1km radius from the house or strict timings for us. In keeping with the current Spanish style, we began with Phase Zero! That took us from home to Mas y Mas. Unfortunately there was a massive queue outside so we decided against one of us going to do some shopping. Phase One then took us down to the seafront where we went for a coffee exactly nine weeks and a day since our last caffeine hit outside the house. We even bumped into some friends which was so nice. Phase Two took us to the ex-pat supermarket on the way home as there were a couple of things we needed. Phase Three then saw us home in time for lunch. I repeat, this was not a walk for exercise, but for justified other reasons!

Going on foot meant we had to be ready to justify our journey to any passing policeman. We didn’t get stopped but we did see them questioning people along the way. It was particularly busy by the sea. After paying for coffee we made sure we kept the receipt and, of course, we did have some purchased goods for the final part of the journey. We also had face masks with us as it is only right to wear them when going into a building. Some people have asked where we got our other “evening wear” masks. Fishikii were very efficient and not badly priced for a fashion accessory.

The afternoon was a fairly relaxed affair which included a siesta of course! It ended with a video chat with friends who are hopefully returning to their house in Spain next week. This was accompanied by another not-in-the-garden beer fest with three more Spanish craft beers, and very nice they were too. You can find my reviews on Untappd. Why not sign up yourself? I could do with some drinking buddies on the site!!

We watched a bit of Cats on Youtube while we ate dinner. The stage show is far better than the recent film, which we haven’t managed to watch as we didn’t enjoy the few minutes we tried. It’s a shame these musicals are only appearing online for a few days at a time.

After dinner I had a bit of Eurovision banter with some friends. I don’t mind a bit of Eurovision but I do appreciate that it isn’t to everyone’s taste. You can follow the conversation by clicking the Facebook icon on the image below.

We ended up watching a couple of episodes of The Code (2019). Legal shows are generally more Trish’s thing than mine but I am really enjoying it too.

On the Covid front there was good news in our part of Spain. Nationally there were just over 100 deaths which is something positive except for the families of those poor unfortunate souls who lost their lives. The Government have agreed that all of the other areas in the Valencia community can progress to Phase One of de-escalation. What that means for us is that from Monday we will no longer be restricted to travelling within our health authority area. Instead we will be free to travel anywhere within the Alicante province. There has been a loosening of the exercise slots in municipalities with fewer than 10,000 residents which sadly doesn’t include us. Larger shops like the ubiquitous Chinese bazaars might be able to open too. That is awaiting governmental confirmation. With the exception of the Madrid area and metropolitan Barcelona, that’s pretty much the whole country onto Phase One from next week.

Let’s hope that this gradual lifting of restrictions proves to be the right way to do things. No doubt there will be setbacks. It’s hard to imagine it progressing smoothly all the way. That’s why we all need a sense of humour and a good laugh from time to time.

Stay safe everyone. Sanitise often and if you can find a way, stay sane!

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