Monday 18 May 2020

Birthdays are not supposed to be like this really. There’s not a lot we can do about it though, so we celebrated me moving into a new age bracket as best we could. That meant no early morning walk and no session in the gym. The best present I could have hoped for!!!

Our treat for the morning was a proper haircut. Now, I like to think I’ve done a reasonably good job myself, but you can’t beat having someone who actually knows what they are doing doing it! I also took my camera along so that our friend has some nice publicity shots for the future.

Lunch on the balcony on a beautiful sunny day was such a nice birthday treat. Trish then brought out the ginger cake she had baked yesterday complete with five special birthday candles. They reignited every time I blew them out so I did it ten times!! That ginger cake was delicious. It was like a cake version of ginger biscuits. You’ll have to ask Trish for the recipe though!

The afternoon was a blur of not doing much until the phone rang and the postman asked me to go down to the gate to collect a package. I can’t believe I managed to order a case of Spanish craft beer online, and for it to be delivered on my birthday. 24 bottles of assorted beers will keep me going for a while now.

After a siesta it was time to go out. Yes, out out! We put on our glad rags for the first time in months and boarded the happy bus for a night out in Guardamar. We were the only people on the bus but that’s not unusual.

We were the only customers in Old Fashioned Bar & Cues too but it was a bit early. It was great to see Cecelia and Patrick open again, and hopefully in a another week or so we’ll be allowed inside to shoot some pool. It’s nice to see the town opening for business again, albeit with many new rules in place, and we will continue to support local businesses the best way we can – with our custom.


El Comercio de Guardamar, forma parte de ti.El Comerç de Guardamar, forma part de tu.Guardamar Trade is part of you.

Posted by Ajuntament de Guardamar del Segura on Monday, 11 May 2020

We then made our way over to Papas Sur, our favourite Argentinian restaurant. We were supposed to be at another Papa’s, the fish and chip restaurant in Cleethorpes where we had celebrated my birthday last year! Instead of being with my family, we had a lovely evening with the two friends we have known the longest here in Guardamar, Alison and Bob. We actually got in touch with them through Couch Surfing before we even moved to the town, just to ask for some information about living here. The meal, as usual, was fantastic but I think we were all suffering from a bit of meat overload when the dulce de leche pancakes arrived!

It was never going to be a late night, but my celebrations will go on for some time to come. Alison and Bob presented me with a goodie bag containing, amongst other things, a plant to care for (!) and a list of 50 challenges for my 50th year. Let’s see how I get on. At least Bob’s idea of one challenge being me going out for an evening in drag was vetoed!!

Also in the bag was a beautifully made hand crafted card. Alison is a very talented artist and it’s a pleasure to receive something like this.

We walked home from the restaurant. It’s about 35 minutes and by the time we got home our feet were telling us both that we hadn’t worn shoes to go out for quite some time! It had been a fantastic evening though and being able to go out out was quite a treat after so many weeks of being in in!! There was just time to respond to the 150 or so messages on Facebook and find a funny picture to share before bed.

Stay safe, sane and sanitised. Let’s celebrate together soon.

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  1. It was a pleasure to share your ‘special day’…and looming forward to hearing about how the challenge list is progressing, over the next year!😅

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