Thursday 22 May 2020

Guess what! It was a nice, sunny day in lockdown Spain. We didn’t do an awful lot to be honest, but that’s not altogether a bad thing, is it? Covid continues to dominate the news, even if Barcelona can’t get its numbers verified leading to a dramatic drop in the official figures for Spain as they were not counted. You’d have thought the media would have become bored of the topic by now and moved on to something new.

Trish was teaching during the morning then went to the gym but I needed to rest my arm again. Can’t wait until 4 June and finding out what has really happened to it. I also went shopping. Lidl has got busier and I had to queue to get in, but once I was there, there was no point getting upset about it and not going in. It was the first day of compulsory mask wearing in public spaces but not everyone has grasped the idea that you need to cover your mouth AND your nose if it’s going to be effective.

Lunch saw the end of Trish’s delicious ginger cake. We seem to have munched our way through it rather quickly so there will be a pause before she bakes another one! Whilst Trish sat on the balcony reading and relaxing over the course of the afternoon, I went up onto the sun terrace and grabbed some rays protected by some Factor 30. A couple of hours is more than enough so I also went into the garden and planted a load of seeds as part of my 50th birthday challenge list. You’ll be pleased to know that my tomato plant has grown into a monster. Hopefully it will produce some tomatoes soon. The upside-down herb experiment has been a catastrophic failure, although one strand of basil is still holding on for dear life!

Another nice day meant another barbecue. Then it was time for some TV and the penultimate episode of Transplant had aired so we got ourselves up to date with this Canadian medical-drama masterpiece. We then cracked on with two more episodes of The Code (2019). When did we become binge watchers?! Only two more episodes to go, but the evenings are getting warmer and before long we’ll be sat outside until quite late anyway.

Friends in Scotland have reported suffering from sunburn today. That rather destroys this meme which I had saved especially for them.

Stay safe, sanitised, sane and sun-protected then!

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  1. Hi Russ. Just to let you know, for the last two days some of your pictures have been covering the text which means we can’t read what’s underneath.

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