Friday 22 May 2020

The end of ten weeks since our lives changed. Will they ever be the same again? I doubt it somehow. Let’s hope the “new normal” is one we can all enjoy when it gets here. If you like this cartoon, take a look at the rest of the series.

The morning passed with me in the virtual classroom and Trish popping out for the weekly paper. When teaching at C2 level (the highest level on the scale) it sometimes ends up as something of a philosophical discussion which can be intriguing when aviation is the central theme. I was also sent some good advice from my student about writing WELL. It’s not GOOD #FFS! The only explanation needed was regarding the word alliteration. There is method in my madness and the teacher generally has the last laugh so don’t be a moaning Minnie about it!!

In the afternoon we went out to a Chinese bazaar. Anyone who has visited Spain in the last few years will know about these places. They sell all sorts of cheap goods, many of them plastic, but are essential for anyone with a home here. They have been closed throughout the pandemic but can now open if they are less than 400m2. If their floorspace is greater than that, they can open if they restrict access to parts of the store. Masks and gloves, plus sanitised hands, are essential to gain access. We had a few things on the list as we have “lost” one or two items during the past ten weeks. I managed to pick up an elbow brace for just €1. There were, in fact, two in the pack. The pharmacy has been telling me they can’t get hold of cheap ones any more and the only options there are €16 a piece. I also needed a watering can to help hone my new found (lack of) gardening skills.

Friday afternoons lounging on the balcony with a cold beer make lockdown easier for sure. I had forgotten to put any of my birthday beer in the fridge (doh! rookie mistake!!) so it was back to the tried and trusted delights of San Miguel’s Yakima Valley IPA. it was only when we poured it into our Brew Dog Punk IPA glasses that we realised what it reminds us of!

Friday night is, of course, curry night and it was back into the kitchen for me after two weeks of take-aways. I impressed myself with the turkey madras I knocked up. Those curries from Gurkha’s Tandoori had obviously inspired me to reach new heights with my own recipes! I hope the smell of us eating curry on the balcony drifted around a bit for the neighbours to enjoy!!

A bit of late evening TV began with an attempt to watch the Berlin derby in the Bundesliga. I watched about 15 minutes of it but the constant thudding of the ball puts me off a bit and I’m sorry but football in an empty stadium just isn’t football for me. Having not even witnessed a shot on goal I switched off, thereby missing four second half goals as Hertha romped home against Union.

We finished off The Code (2019). The scriptwriters clearly knew from about episode 9 that they were not getting a second series. In the final two episodes they wrapped up all the loose ends of storylines and it felt complete with no real need for Season 2.

We did try watching The Sound of Music on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s YouTube channel. It was hard though as we didn’t really feel you can solve a problem like Maria with an all American cast as the accents seemed to get in the way. A very British problem, I’m sure. I guess we’re just too conditioned to Julie Andrews in the role!

So that was our Friday. How was yours? Please tell me in the comments section below!!

Stay safe, sanitised and sane, and I’ll see you soon. How alliterative was that after our chilli corona covid curry?!!

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  1. Our Friday – was that yesterday? I guess so. Spent with waiting for some elderly gentlemen seeing or not seeing the Moon to announce Eid. They didn’t spot anything, so it’s tomorrow. We had an enjoyable morning walk on the cliff with raven, kestrel and wheatears. I also made a cake – this time with some bicarbonate soda so hopefully it’ll be less leathery than the last one. I think my cooking skills are on par with your gardening 😉 .

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