Saturday 23 May 2020

What a beautiful day! We had an early warning of what a hot day it was likely to be when our thermometers demonstrated the difference between being on the balcony in the shade (22.2°C) and in the garden in direct sunlight (36.3°C). Not bad for 11am. If you’re interested, the other sensors are in the lounge (blue) and bedroom (orange).

After breakfasting and blogging, we went out for a walk. Actually, we didn’t because we’re still not allowed to go out for a walk except for within our strict exercise slots. What we did was walk down to the seafront for a coffee, thereby supporting our local businesses. There was no need for masks until we got down to the beach and then we put them on until we got to our cafe of choice. We seem to have defected to Resto Bar La Playa because our usual cafe of choice hasn’t yet re-opened. I fear they have lost our business now as we are creatures of habit. Another victim of Covid-19.

There is one story from our time at the cafe which I just have to share with you! This was overheard: “I don’t have to wear a mask coz I have COPD” as she chain-smoked her way through a whole packet of cigarettes in the time it took us to have a coffee and read the paper. Got to love it when Expatland Brits come to the coast for a drink!

There were one or two people on the beach, all with kids and within their allotted time. It’s a shame that we can’t use the beach, but if we could I imagine we would see scenes like those in English resorts. At least Wales and Scotland are preventing this sort of gathering for now. How much pressure there is from the tourist industry we can only guess. Spain has now declared itself open to international tourism from 1 July. We still don’t have a date for when we will be allowed to travel outside of the Alicante province, so that came as something of a surprise. Current calculations suggest we will get freedom to travel just a matter of days before we welcome holidaymakers back. Seems a bit strange but we must trust that those making the decisions know better.

Lockdown is tiring. After lunch we were ready for a siesta! Then it was time for our balcony beer fest with a selection of my birthday beers. The big winner was FL.IPA by Catalan brewers Engorile. You can find my reviews of the other two beers, including a curious lavender flavoured brew, at Untappd.

We didn’t move from the balcony until it was time for bed at midnight! Dinner was some lovely pork knuckle accompanied by a cheap bottle of plonk. I’m sure I picked it up for €1 in Consum but I need to go back and check as it far exceeded expectations!

The sunset was an absolute dream too. The pyramids are really showing off their splendour at this time of year. It’s such a privilege that they appear for us, and almost nobody else!!

Saturday night is quiz night for the Swaby family, my cousins. We join in when we can and this was a fabulous quiz set by Martyn. We were pleased with a score of 71/100 but that turned out to be way below the standard required to win. We’ll not win next week either as we are setting the questions!! We didn’t do particularly well with the board games picture round. There were three that we had no clue about. What about you?

After the quiz we relaxed with a nightcap (pacharan for me, Amaretto for Trish), still sat out on the balcony. I’ve mentioned them before, but I’m sure we wouldn’t have got through some of these evenings quite as well without The Mix Radio 80s. Humour has kept us going too, so here’s a selection of today’s funnies.

It’s the weekend so give your sanity a break and let your hair down. Keep sanitised though. It’s the only way to stay safe!!

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