Sunday 24 May 2020

Sunday morning was as Sunday morning has been for ten weeks now. We got up, had breakfast, got the blog written, made family conference calls and went to the gym. I imagine quite a few others are finding similar repetition in their daily/weekly activities. At least they seem to have started selling razers in Grimsby now and all my brothers looked a bit happier and livelier than previous screenshots!

After lunch we decided to go out and support another local business. That meant a trip up the coast to Santa Pola for the first time in months. To get there we drove over the salt flats where the flamingos seem to have been busy reproducing! Our choice of bar, Lizarran isn’t exactly a local business, I’ll give you that. It’s a national chain but if we don’t use our local ones, they will disappear. In Santa Pola it’s a nice place to chill out in the shade watching the world go by close to the marina. Other bars/restaurants there seemed to be rather too packed, probably because they were serving lunch. Most looked suspiciously beyond the 50% capacity that they are supposed to be limited to. We had a bit of a stroll along the row of bars to see how they were getting on before sitting down for a beer. It’s nice to be out and about but I think it will be some time before we will be confident enough to enjoy a crowded terrace. They shouldn’t be crowded anyway! At least the beaches were empty, unlike what we’ve seen from the UK over the weekend.

The news of the day was dominated by Boris Johnson’s seemingly inexplicable support for Dominic Cummings. I won’t comment on what happened as I’m sure there is probably a legal argument in support of his visit to his parents whilst suffering Covid-19 symptoms. I can’t see how the PM could support him unless legal advisers have told him that’s the case. No libel or false reporting on this blog. Sorry! Plenty of humour floating about on the subject though!!

Rumours are flying around in Spain that the government is set to curtail the de-escalation plan. It seems some regions could be freed from restrictions very soon, whilst others are going to have the two weeks for each phase reduced to one week. Whilst I’m happy about that from a personal point of view, I’m not convinced it’s the right step generally. I think the different stages should be a little more regional than the arbitrary “communidad” (county) divisions being used at the moment, but I do believe the gradual easing off which is envisaged was the right way forward. Could be worse, we could have the levels of confusion the UK is facing.

I am still missing football. It looks like Spanish football is going to recommence with the small matter of the Seville derby featuring my team, Real Betis. Hopefully the peña (supporters club) in Elche will be able to open its doors to its members on June 12th. Who knows what’s going to happen in England. Wales and Scotland have now abandoned their seasons and I can’t help but feel that it’s Liverpool and Leeds who are really preventing the same happening in England.

We went back to a bit of TV watching after our barbecue dinner. The home-made burgers were delicious by the way! We tried two new shows and the jury is still out on both of them. First was The Sinner. With a score on IMDB of 8/10 we had high expectations but found ourselves utterly unthrilled by this thriller. We’ve got it all ready to watch though, so one more episode and it has to hook us or it’ll be in the bin!

Next was the much anticipated White Lines. It starts off in the wild west deserts of Tabernas, Almería, before the action switches to Ibiza. The sound track is in a mixture of English and Spanish. By the end of the first episode we were not hooked, and again a second chapter is going to be make-or-break for us.

That’s the end of ten weeks of Spain’s state of alert. How much longer will it go on for? Although it has been formally extended until 7 June, and the government is mulling over a further two weeks beyond that, the signs are that their resolve is cracking. Only time will tell. Is there hope? Tony Rosenthal clearly thinks so.

By the way, did you hear about the explosion in the cheese factory in France? All that was left was de Brie! I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering how my sanity is at times. Stay safe everyone, and I know we’re staying sanitised. Are you?

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