Monday 25 May 2020

It was a public holiday in the UK, but not here. We had no work on so it made no difference to us anyway. Going to the beach, like in Wales and Scotland, was not an option so we were once again horrified by the scenes on some English beaches. Can you spot which one is in England? The other was in Wales.

The longer this goes on, the more difficult it is to persuade people to stick to the rules. Here in Spain the Alicante police have closed down a few bars and restaurants for overcrowding and there were more reports of problems again today. The government continue to throw out mixed messages and they seem determined to go against medical advisers and reduce each stage of the de-escalation plan to just a week. Quarantine for incoming visitors will end on July 1st so clearly everything is going to be ok by then! We also had the incredible situation of no official numbers of Covid-19 related deaths in the last 24 hours because a readjustment in the figures has reduced the overall death toll by 2000 and there have, apparently, been only 50 new deaths in the past week. No wonder people are confused! We really seem to be fumbling in the dark, the blind leading the blind.

Our day was a day of socialising at a respectable social distance. It began with a trip to Elche where I had to visit my friend Carlos to pick up my new face mask. well, if we have to wear them, they might as well look stylish. Carlos is a butcher at the fabulous El Manchego carniceria on the market at Elche’s Plaza de Madrid. As well as my Real Betis face mask, he also sold us a couple of pork loin steaks which were absolutely incredible when I barbecued them later. We’ll definitely be back for more supplies!

Our next stop was a cake shop in Catral for coffee – not cake! Our friend has been stranded in her Spanish house during lockdown and has finally found a way to get back to the UK this coming week. It was our last opportunity to see her before she disappears back to Hampshire for the summer, and sitting outside on a terrace enjoying a coffee was a nice send-off in the circumstances. Then it was home for lunch before another socially distanced visit. Other friends have just made the opposite journey and are currently quarantined in their house in Spain. After several cancelled flights they finally made a 17-hour journey including a long day waiting for a connecting flight in Barcelona. It’s good to see them back and in another couple of weeks we’ll be able to give them their welcome back hugs!

Our evening’s TV viewing was, once again, Killing Eve. We really think it has run its course but with (hopefully) only one episode left we will finish the series. We watched one more episode of White Lines too, and it is getting better so we’ll probably stick with it.

During the day there had been several Cummings and goings in Downing Street. The Covid situation in the UK is just as confused, probably more so in fact, than it is in Spain. Still, it provides plenty of light entertainment with scripts that nobody in their right mind could have written!

There’s little else to say after that, is there?! Stay safe everyone. Stay sanitised. Stay at home too whenever you can I guess, unless you need to drive to check your eyesight, go to the beach, work or take your child to childcare some 260 miles away. Most of all, stay sane. You’re going to need that sanity to get through what politicians say and do, which are not always the same thing.

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