Tuesday 26 May 2020

The sun is out, the sky is blue, there’s not a cloud to spoil the view. Hopefully summer is here. All that’s missing is the opportunity for a dip in the pool or a splash around in the sea. Might be a while for the pool, but with a bit of luck the sea and the beach will no longer be out of bounds next week!

I was teaching in the morning and Trish went shopping. My class was based around the tragic events in Pakistan at the weekend. For a trainee pilot trying to improve their English, such an incident provides a wealth of discussion points, and the audio from the air traffic control conversation was excellent listening practise. It’s not a nice thing to have to discuss but in the realms of Aviation English these sessions are very important. If you are interested, here is the video. If not, just scroll down!

Following a session in the gym it was time for me to do what is known these days as a Cummings. I jumped in the car and drove in to town to test my eyesight. Yes, I really did that, and it’s no joke – I went to Specsavers! A small fortune changed hands and I’ll have new specs in a couple of weeks. About time too as these ones are scratched to bits. It’s a miracle I can see at all.

After lunch, we got down to creating a 100 point quiz for the weekend. We have volunteered to be the quiz masters so maybe next week I’ll share the questions here. You might be surprised at how much time this takes!

The day drifted by and after a pizza on the balcony we settled down for some TV. We had been recommended a film called “I See You“. Guess who downloaded the wrong version which was so utterly crap that it lasted less than ten minutes. Instead we watched Waiting for Anya which was very enjoyable but won’t win any awards. There is some lovely mountain scenery in it, and a nice story line set in horrible times. It was written by the same author as War Horse, but lacks the gravitas of that amazing production.

Onto serious matters here in Spain, and we are left completely confused by today’s Covid-19 numbers. Yesterday was bad enough, but today’s comedy statistical roadshow came up with this:

“The latest official figures released by Spain’s Health Ministry in Madrid on Tuesday 26 May show that there have now been 27,117 Coronavirus-related deaths in Spain – which is an overall increase of 283 deaths over the figure released yesterday. Yesterday’s figure had already been adjusted down by 1,918 from the overall figure released on Sunday. However, the Health Ministry claims that with today’s figures, the increase has now been 35 deaths for a 7-day period.”

So it’s 283 more than yesterday but only 35 more than a week ago????

Of course, back in Brexit Britain, nobody cares any more. The only story is the recent Cummings and goings. Two parody songs have emerged at the same time so I’ll just share them both with you. Enjoy!

Stay safe and sanitised and close to home. Sanity is just a state of mind!

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