Wednesday 27 May 2020

Another beautiful day but a bit windy. We know it’s still out of reach, but take me to the beach. I can hear it calling! Sounds like the cue for a song to start the day.

Trish was the one teaching in the morning so I nipped out to pick up a few bits and piece from Consum and Lidl. I also had to call into our insurance brokers to collect some documents that have been waiting there since lockdown began! Normally I come back with a little something for the weekend, usually some bottles of IPA for a bit of a garden beer fest. This time though, it was all for Trish: five bottles of German wheat beer with a lovely glass to drink them from. She’s much happier with that than if I’d brought flowers back!!

We both went to the gym before lunch I did a bit of lesson prep but, as Del Amitri almost once said, nothing really happened! The fact that neither of us can remember doing much in the afternoon, other than looking at travel articles and wishing we could be somewhere else, is indicative that it’s probably time to take this blog to a twice-weekly edition. I’ll be publishing on Monday and Friday from next week unless something earth-shattering happens that just needs to be posted! With a bit of luck we’ll be in Phase 2 which now means there will be no restrictions on when we can exercise, and it also looks like we’ll be able to take a day trip into the mountains as long as we stay within the Alicante province. Relative freedom!!

The day just drifted along. Lockdown could have been so productive but, like so many people have found, procrastination has won the day!

Specsavers adverts and references to Barnard Castle continue to rule the day when it comes to humour. Something will surely happen soon to change the media’s current agenda.

We’ve also learned to be careful what we say during lockdown. It only takes a brief discussion with a friend about Spanish craft ales for my timeline to be filled with adverts for Spanish craft ales. We have a problem with our fridge yet we don’t see adverts for new fridges. And why isn’t there a “d” in refrigerator anyway?

After some spicy fajitas for dinner we settled down to watch another film in the evening. Sitting outside until 9pm is now routine so there’s not as much time for the TV any more! We watched Radioactive, the story of Marie Curie. It was a good film with some very interesting concepts. As well as the discovery of radioactive elements polonium and radium, it looked at the consequences of the discovery. I won’t spoil it for you. We really enjoyed it.

And that’s about it. Last night I dreamed I was the author of Lord of the Rings. I was Tolkien in my sleep. Stay safe everyone. Let your sanity do what it will but stay sanitised please!

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