Thursday 28 May 2020

Another sunny day and the countdown is on until we can go out and really enjoy it. In a surprise move the Spanish government announced 24 hours earlier than expected that we will move into Phase 2 on Monday. How will that change our lives? Only time will tell but we should be able to go for a day out in the mountains as long as we stay within the confines of the Alicante province and keep a social distance whenever we meet anyone. Whatever happens, we just hope it’s done sensibly by everyone and we don’t see scenes like this. Councils and the public alike have so much responsibility in the weeks to come.

In the morning I was interviewed by my friend Sandra for an article she is writing. It became apparent that, even though we’ve known each other for five years, she knows little about my history. She didn’t even know that we left the rat race 15 years ago and fled to Argentina to become English teachers. Maybe I should write that book! We had a good laugh though, and then Trish and Glenys joined in. Can’t wait until the four of us can see each other in real life one day soon. When the article is published, you’ll get to see it, don’t worry!

Our first task afterwards was to drive up to Rojales to visit the weekly market. The initial plan had been to walk the 5km alongside the river to get there. The aforementioned interview put paid to that idea as by 1130 it is just too hot to do that. The weekly market used to be full of hustle and bustle. Now there are a fraction of the number of stalls all spread around the perimeter of the market area with very few customers. Not being able to sample the goods is an annoyance but it is the new normality so there’s nothing we can do about it. We bought plenty of fresh fruit and veg again, yet hardly spent a thing.

Our next stop was what we call Expatville – Ciudad Quesada where you can go for tea and cakes, buy your Daily Mail, pick up a pie and converse all day in English without the worry about translations. Not quite our scene in general but it serves its purpose. We wanted to go to the tobacconist there, not for tobacco but for their selection of Spanish language travel magazines. I know it sounds strange after commenting on the anglophile nature of the place. Clearly that fine selection was part of the old normality. The new normality appears to have far fewer options. Disappointed and purchaseless we soon found ourselves making our one real homage to Expatland. Fish & Chips! Seriously, Quesada Fish and Chips really is fabulous. Their portions are spot on and the food is not at all greasy. On their socially distanced patio you can enjoy the taste of Cleethorpes al fresco on the Costa Blanca!

After that less-than-healthy lunch we had big plans for a session in the gym. It didn’t quite work out that way. We did a few chores on the way home then ended up with a long siesta rather than a work out! Oh well, the diet can start again tomorrow!!

The day went on as usual. We sat out on the balcony until nearly 9.30 as it was a lovely evening. A healthy salad and a glass of water made up for our earlier calorific excess! The pyramids were resplendent as the sun set with a sea of gold in the background.

Then it was time for a bit of TV. We said a fond farewell to Transplant as episode 13 closed out season 1. There’s no way this is not going to get a second season. It was excellent from start to finish. There are signs it might go a bit soap-like in the way that Grey’s Anatomy did, but hey, we’ve stuck with that for years! Transplant is far more gritty though and we have loved every episode. We then cracked on with another instalment of White Lines which continues to improve from a shaky start. No doubt Ibiza will receive a tourism bonus from it when lockdown is over.

I am disappointed that the Cummings and goings in British politics are still dominated by one story. If he walked away the nation could soon move on to the next unwilling fall guy. Still, it continues to provide a laugh or two along the way.

Stay sanitised, safe and sane. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter!

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