Friday 29 May 2020

Eleven weeks ago we sat outside for a coffee by the beach not really understanding the implications of what was about to happen. How the world has changed in that time. Hopefully some of those changes are for the better and will bring about long lasting change. We can only hope. Everyone has pretty much the same data set to make their decisions from hereon in. How many will find wisdom from it?!

I taught in the morning. If you have ever wondered what happens if the undercarriage doesn’t come down on an aircraft, well, that was the subject of the class! It’s known as a gear-up landing, or a belly landing. They are not exactly common but tend to result in a messy but fairly safe landing when they are necessary. Sometimes a “foam runway” is created to help reduce the risk of fire.

After the class it was time for our (non-exercise) walk to buy a paper and for Trish to go to the Pharmacy. We also sat outside and had a cool drink. Why are people always surprised to learn it was sparkling water and not beer? I think we should be offended! It looks like next week we will be allowed to exercise at any time except for 1000-1200 and 1800-1900 which are reserved for the over 70s. What happens if we are out walking in the hills and it gets to 10am. Do we have to sit there for two hours then start walking again? This is an anomaly for which there may be no answer!

As we walked mother nature gave us a good show. There were birds galore and lots of colourful flowers around. Good job I had my camera with me then!

I had another class to teach in the afternoon. Have you ever thought about how many card game idioms we use in everyday life? Look at this blog and you may be surprised. When I emerged from the office there was a beautiful smell in the house as Trish had been busy creating another gingerbread cake. I followed on in the kitchen with a few empanadas with last week’s turkey madras leftovers! These pastry delights were part and parcel of life in Argentina and we were disappointed to learn that in Spain they are generally a vegetarian tomato and onion pisto or the Galician style with tuna and tomato. Made with curry though, they are fantastic and one day this idea will take over the world! Until then, I’ll keep making my own. It was, of course, Friday night and that meant curry night. I made a chicken vindaloo which pushed Trish’s spice limits to the max!!

It was getting on for 10pm before we finally gave up on sitting on the balcony. That left time for another episode of White Lines before bed. I think we are getting into it now, although we are relying on the subtitles for some of the rapid-fire Spanish in the dialogue!

The number of readers of this lockdown diary seems to be dwindling every day. That’s not a big problem as it began as my personal record of how we got through this anyway. It certainly vindicates my decision to scale it down to twice-weekly next week. Still, it’s been fun, and I’ve loved looking for humorous bits and pieces to include. Thank you especially to Dominic Cummings – the gift that keeps on giving!

Stay safe and sanitised. It’s the weekend so give your sanity a rest!

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