Another nice day to be out and about, so long as you have a justified reason to do so! In the morning we took a red cross parcel round to our friends who are in quarantine. Well, the empanadas are bad for MY waistline so they are better off elsewhere! Some of Trish’s gingerbread cake was also gratefully received. Then we sat outside San Fulgencio town hall for a coffee before taking a less-than-direct route back to where we had parked the car which resulted in some nice photos. We’ve driven past this village many times in the 5 years or so that we have lived here, but never stopped other than going to the theatre.

The afternoon, you’ll be surprised to learn, was a relaxing one. I didn’t even bother watching the Bundesliga football that was on offer. Football without fans is not football. Obviously my resolve in this matter will be tested in a couple of weeks when both Real Betis and Brighton resume their campaigns behind closed doors. Surely it’s got to be better when you actually care about the result. Having relaxed a lot, we were tired so we needed a siesta again!

The early evening saw us sit out on the balcony again for another instalment of our Balcony Beer Fest. We’ll be drinking my birthday present for weeks to come but I think we have now sampled each of the different beers once. There was a clear winner. All of them can be found on Untappd (go on, join me there, I need more beer friends!) but Cacho Beer‘s IPA was easily the best of the bunch with its citrus flavour really hitting the spot.

A quick dinner of home baked ribs followed, accompanied by a nice bottle of wine. We couldn’t drink too much or too quickly though, as we were the Quiz Masters for the evening. I think the music round went down quite well. Can you identify the artists and the song titles? The answers can be found on Day 77’s post!


You also had to know your Cluedo, the badges of European football clubs and the labels of soft and alcoholic drink brands. There was a health round – can you name the five basic tastes that your tongue is sensitive to? Geography was a mix of easy and tough. Do you know which English county has the longest coastline? Could you tell me from which country the USA purchased the American Virgin Islands in 1916? Then there were the famous couples. Who were Salvatore Bono and Cherelyne Sarkisian better known as? If you want the answers, let me know!

That wasn’t quite the end of the day though. During the quiz we witnessed the incredible launch of the Space X Dragon module which will send astronauts to the International Space Station. Just after 11pm both of these craft were due to fly over our house! We went up onto the roof and the ISS was there in all its glory. For Trish it was the first time she had seen it, and I think she was suitably impressed. I managed to capture its pass on video, but the camerawork is rather shaky! I caught a glimpse of Dragon but Trish missed it and it was far too faint to be caught on camera.

Poor camera work, but this is the ISS shooting across our skies last night. Dragon was just too faint to capture.

Posted by Russ Pearce on Sunday, 31 May 2020

It was almost a Covid-free day for us. The numbers in Spain continue to defy current logic with the past four days now recording 1, 1, 2 and 4 deaths. You could argue that it is doubling by the day again, but we just don’t believe these low figures after the horrors of the past 11 weeks. Confusion also continues to reign supreme over what next week’s de-escalation will bring. Guardamar’s beaches will be open but none of the municipalities to the south of us are following suit so all of their residents craving some golden sand time will no doubt flock to our shores when they open at 9am. We’d prefer to head for the hills, but there seems to be an anomaly regarding time slots as 1000-1200 is going to remain reserved for the over 70s. Does that mean at 10am we then have to sit down wherever we are and do nothing until midday when we can start walking again? Best take our brollies for some shade then! I doubt we would see another soul, but the Spanish police are not holding back in dishing out fines of €600 per person so it could be an expensive interpretation of the rules if we risk it!

Number 5 – don’t take your shovel to the beach!

Those fines are no laughing matter. What’s life without a little humour though?

And the jokes keep Cummings!

Stay safe. Sanitise. Sleep and stay sane.

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