The final daily lockdown diary today, and if you read on, you’ll see why it’s time to scale it back! Nothing happened!! If you are looking for the answers to yesterday’s music quiz, they are at the bottom of the post, but why not read what I have written before scrolling straight down there?!

Sundays are usually slack and uneventful days in most households anyway. Add in some good weather and a nice balcony to sit out on, and it’s the perfect recipe for doing nothing all day. We didn’t actually do nothing. We both had family video conference calls and a full workout in the gym. As I have my MRI on Thursday to find out what I’ve done to my arm, I felt it was ok to do a full weights workout too as they need to see what the problem is. Too much rest and it might not show up!! We need our beach figures too judging by this latest decree from the Spanish government.

The afternoon drifted by in the shade of the awning with a good book. I’m still ploughing my way through Psycho, Stuarts Pearce’s autobiography. Trish finished Beyond the Chain, the debut novel by our friend Maya. It’s a curious blend of tragedy on a personal level in two different lives on two different continents, brought together by the magic of block chain technology for beginners! We also had gin and tonics with friends through the magic of Messenger. Add into that the spectacular sight of the SpaceX Dragon capsule docking with the International Space Station, and it was a really good afternoon, even if it was a lazy one.

After dinner, a wonderful bit of steak on the barbecue if you are interested, we sat outside until 10pm. There was just time for another instalment of White Lines before bed. We’re halfway though now. That wasn’t my only TV for the day though. During my recent workouts I have been watching the intriguing Upload on Prime.

And that was it. Now you see why I’ll be posting on Friday and Monday mornings only from now on as we go into Phase 2 and some sort of normal life resumes. I can’t leave you without a joke though, can I?

So there you have it. We have stayed safe and sanitised during a difficult eleven weeks and hopefully we will remain so. As for my sanity, judge for yourself!

Here are the ten answers to yesterday’s music quiz in full YouTube glory!

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