The first weekend of Phase 2 of the de-escalation plan was a glorious one and we made the most of it. On the Friday morning Trish was teaching, but I wasn’t. makes a change eh! I went out to complete a few errands and had a nice long walk into town and back again.

The afternoon was a quiet one, mostly trying to do the maths as Spain’s latest Covid-19 figures were released. This activity has continued on a daily basis now. Officially the death toll, reduced from its staggering numbers, over the past seven days has been 2, 1, 0, 0, 1, 5 and one on Friday, which I make to be be ten in all. The official total was 52. By Sunday my personal attempt at mathematics was 1+1+1+5+1+0+0=72.

It may have been Friday, but it wasn’t curry night. We had a siesta as we had decided to have a night out. 1915 is a bit early here to go out here in Spain but that’s what time our bus goes into town. Beggars can’t be choosers, but it gives us the chance to have a glass or two before dinner. We started at one of our usual bars, La Brujula, where we sat in splendid social distance in their courtyard and enjoyed a glass of red Ribera wine. Trish had to warn off a brazen sparrow who wanted to join in! Then we had a little stroll and found ourselves enjoying a glass of red outside Kabum, a new bar in town. By then our friends had been in touch saying they were also in town so we ended up meeting them for a pizza at Rincon del Vino. It was so nice to be sat outside for a bit of al-fresco dining with friends. After an evening of relative excess, we walked home!

Saturday was a little more subdued for some reason. To blow away the cobwebs we walked to the seafront for a coffee and to see the new Ten Commandments for using the beach. We’ll get there one day – hopefully before the crowds arrive. The beaches are getting busier but they are not too bad so far and most people seem to be obeying the rules.

As has become normal, we spent the late afternoon sat out on the balcony enjoying our own personal beer fest. This time we sampled three Catalan beers and they were all nice. Moritz Red IPA was a clear winner though. The others were from Cabra, brewed on the Costa Maresma to the north of Barcelona, where we used to live.

Saturday night was curry night this week. Then, too tired to take part in the family quiz, we settled down for a few episodes of Coroner, our new favourite Canadian TV show!

Trish was up bright and early for a walk on Sunday morning. I stayed in bed then went to the gym whilst she was on a family conference call. I also created a new Facebook group for people I was at Infants and Primary School with. Somehow over the last week a few of us had reconnected and we thought it was a good idea to have a group. It has already been pretty successful both with member numbers and contributions. Here’s a lovely picture of me at 5 or 6 years old at school. Can you see me? It’s amazing how many people in this picture went through the whole education system with me and remain a part of my life today. It’s also sad that at least three of them did not make it to their 50th birthday.

The afternoon was a social affair. Our friends who were in quarantine have finally been released from their strict lockdown. With no need for any more of our Red Cross parcels, we went into Guardamar and had a fine lunch of tapas and fried fish at Rodero. They say “use them or lose them” and we are certainly doing our best for the local economy. We then went back to Kabum for another drink before heading home.

It turned into a subdued evening trying to stay awake. We got through some more of Coroner, as well as a fascinating insight into the production of Baked Beans thanks to BBC2!! This was special showing how lockdown has affected the factory, but you can watch the original broadcast of Inside the Factory here.

And that was our weekend. It felt kind of normal. That was nice! We look forward to being able to go further afield but for now, things are better and looking up.

Keep staying safe everyone. Hope the sanitising and sanity are still going well.

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