And so it goes on. The week, however, has felt fairly normal with few restrictions on our everyday lives. We still can’t leave the Alicante province and we are not supposed to exercise in the hours reserved for the over-70s, namely 1000-1200 and 1900-2000. There are always ways around it though, as a walk to the shops or to a cafe is allowed at those times. We just can’t run!

I started the week by teaching as usual. It was an interesting class because I learned that I am getting old! My student had never heard about the daring flight of Mathias Rust who landed his plane on Red Square, Moscow, in 1987. It made a welcome addition to talking about airspace infringements and unauthorised landings at airfields, like the Covidiots who flew from London and landed at a closed RAF Valley to go to the beach recently.

Trish was busy with a more domestic agenda, resulting in another lemon drizzle cake in the afternoon. Good job we are still getting regular exercise too. The weather closed in during the afternoon and we were subjected to some torrential rain, although towns a few miles away fared far worse than Guardamar.

Tuesday was a nice day and we went round to our friend’s house for a coffee. We are allowed now that their quarantine days are over, and we took along some of Trish’s cake to celebrate. I taught in the afternoon but nothing much happened making the spotting of a preying mantis in the garden a highlight!

We had also been featured in an article written by a friend. It’s a bit strange reading all about yourself, but here it is if you want to learn more about our lives.

The sunset that evening was spectacular. The times we live in though, mean I really have to add that no slaves were used in the building of the Guardamar Pyramids. However, I suspect there was plenty of “slave labour”.

Wednesday was an almost normal day for us. Normal in the way we used to live our lives before Covid on a day when neither of us had classes to teach. We went into Alicante where we visited the Bullfighting Museum. The plan had been to visit the Hogueras Museum which pays homage to to Alicante’s colourful festival which should be about to begin. That museum was closed due to some “technical work” taking place, much to our disappointment. A trip to the Bull Ring was good though (you can read more about it at Anything But Paella), and afterwards we had lunch with some friends who we hadn’t seen since about November. It was a cheap lunch but my drink, sparkling water, was outrageously priced and the most expensive of the four. €3.50 for fizzy water? You’re having a laugh. Beer was a full euro cheaper. That’ll teach me to try not to drink during the week.

No sooner had we got home from lunch at 5.30pm than we had a message asking us if we would like to go out! Remember that resolve not to drink during the week? Well, we rushed out to meet Ali and Bob at the beach to celebrate Bob’s big birthday. We were later joined by their Spanish friend Cristina and her 9 year old son, Abel. It resulted in some very good Spanish language practice. I had to drink though, because big birthdays have to be toasted properly!!

Thursday was an odd day. I was devoid of energy all day and we were both worried that we might have caught a cold somewhere along the line during the week. Even our trips to the gym were not exactly fulfilling. We both taught classes but aside from that, it was a bit of a nothing day.

The day should have been better. I got the result of the scan on my left arm. There’s a 4mm section of the ligament that is strained. I have also now been told that the doctor has requested a scan of my right arm. No doubt that will be more or less healed by the time I get to go back to the hospital too. It was also the day that football came back into our Spanish lives. Real Betis were playing Seville in what should be one of their biggest games of the season. Despite this I just couldn’t get excited, and I really do believe that football without the fans isn’t really football. It’s a shame, and I ploughed through watching the whole dismal 2-0 defeat feeling the same way at the end as I did at the beginning.

There hasn’t been a lot of TV watched now that the evenings are warmer and our social lives are reawakening. We have carried on with Coroner though and, although it is starting to get a little soapy, we are still enjoying it. There seems to be good news coming soon that our restricted lives will shortly be further eased but we await confirmation of that before making any firm plans. Humour has continued to be very important too, so here are a few non-Covid bits to make you chuckle.

Hope you’re all staying safe, sane and sanitised.

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