The end of phase 2 of lockdown was really nice, and not just the weather. Further information about what phase 3 was going to mean emerged, and we finally had confirmation that after the weekend we would be free to travel anywhere in the Valencia comunidad. A further week and travel anywhere within Spain would be possible as the state of alarm will be at an end and with it any travel restriction. That doesn’t mean the threat of the virus is over though, and social distancing, albeit reduced to 1.5 metres, will still be in place and the rules on wearing masks will remain as they are.

Friday began with a trip to the beach. It was peaceful when we arrived at 10am but by the time we left to go home for lunch, it was uncomfortably busy. People were, however, sticking to the rules and nobody encroached our 2 metre exclusion zone. The sea was bitterly cold though, which was quite disappointing. We had planned on a swim but the water was so refreshing that we merely cooled off!

A siesta was very much required later before Friday night was (fish) curry night and we finished off watching Coroner which, as we’ve said before, was excellent. It’s nicely left open for a third season, but if that doesn’t happen, most storylines were neatly tied up.

Saturday morning saw another coffee run, well, walk. Another couple of days and journeys out mid morning will not have to be justified at all. It’s quite nice walking almost 5 miles just to have a coffee and a view of the Med. I also had another chance to play with my new Tiny Planet photo app! On the way I called into the medical centre as they have now arranged an MRI on my bad arm and I have to sign some documents. Although it’s a digital signature, it has to be done there, and to my amazement they told me that despite the surgery being open on a Saturday morning, they don’t switch THAT computer on at weekends!!

We decided to have a night out on the town as it’s nice and quiet with no tourists around for the time being. That meant putting on our masks despite being the only passengers on the bus again. We started off in our usual place for a night out, La Brújula. There we met our friends Alison and Bob before heading to see what the new Porticada tapas restaurant was like on the square of the same name. It was nice, although the patatas bravas were scalding hot, fresh from the fryer! The calamari and croquetas were lovely too. Then we went to try out the brand spanking new La Maka which was very posh and a bit pricey. It’s a bit of a see-and-be-seen place really. Finally we went our separate ways and we had a nightcap in the garden of El Patio de mi Casa before walking home. It was rather chilly!

When we got home we stumbled across MTV Classic who were playing a continuous stream of Number 1 hits from the 1980s. There were some personal favourites in there, honestly!!

Sunday went by in a blur of not doing much, family calls and getting back to the gym. Luckily we had a good film to finish off the weekend. Resistance was an amazing tale of Scouts in the French Resistance during World War II. It was also the fascinating tale of Marcel Marceau. Very highly recommended.

There’s not been the number of jokes in circulation either, compared to the early days of lockdown. Not Covid-related but here are a couple of chuckles to sign off with.

My neighbour’s 4-year-old has been learning Spanish since lockdown;
He still can’t say “please” though, which I think is poor for four…

Hope you had a great weekend staying safe, sanitised and sane.

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