Lockdown Day 2

Tuesday 17 March 2020 Happy St Patrick's Day! It's also the 5th anniversary of us buying our house in Spain. Sadly it's cloudy, grey and wet too. No celebrations for us though, but a lot of reflection. Today is the day we all thought would never happen, the day when we said goodbye to Grandma. [...]

Lockdown Day 1

Monday 16 March 2020 Now the lockdown is official. It's "only" 15 days from today but the government are already saying they expect it to go on much longer. If lessons from China and Italy have been learned then perhaps we'll get away with 30 days but we doubt that somehow. Only time will tell. [...]

Sunday morning blues

Sunday 15 March 2020 We woke to another sunny day in Spain. There was even news from EasyJet. If we didn't want to fly there would be an option to request a refund. Sadly the option to request this did not appear on their website all day long. Holidaymakers were scrambling to get get home [...]

A sport-free Saturday

Saturday 14 March 2020 Saturday was a strange one. The sporting calendar had been decimated in most countries around the world. I guess that's when you know it is serious. The number of cases overnight meant that the Spanish government had to act fast. They declared a lockdown with effect from 8am on Monday morning [...]

Things Change Quickly

Friday 13th March 2020 In the morning everything carried on as normal despite the overnight announcement that Brighton's weekend football match with Arsenal had been postponed because the Gunners' manager had tested positive. We did some light food shopping, still anticipating being in the UK the following week. Then we went for a walk, bought [...]


Thursday 12 March 2020 We knew it was coming. Let's face it, anyone who was still in denial needed their head examining. Even so, the idea of our comfortable lives changing beyond all recognition is a frightening prospect and it's very hard to anticipate exactly what those changes are going to entail. We had a [...]

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