Lockdown Days 96-97

Friday 19 June 2020 – Saturday 20 June 2020 The end of lockdown is here. At 2359 on Saturday 20 June 2020 the whole of Spain passed into the “new normality”. This means that we are now free to live our lives where and how we wish, with a few provisos. Social distancing will be […]

Lockdown Days 92-95

Monday 15 June 2020 – Thursday 18 June 2020 Well, what an exciting week it’s been. The car has had a good run out as we ventured into the neighbouring province of Valencia, but more of that further down. Confusing statistics abound in Spain whenever the government talks about Covid matters. There have been 52 […]

Lockdown Days 89-91

The end of phase 2 of lockdown was really nice, and not just the weather. Further information about what phase 3 was going to mean emerged, and we finally had confirmation that after the weekend we would be free to travel anywhere in the Valencia comunidad. A further week and travel anywhere within Spain would […]

Lockdown Days 85-88

And so it goes on. The week, however, has felt fairly normal with few restrictions on our everyday lives. We still can’t leave the Alicante province and we are not supposed to exercise in the hours reserved for the over-70s, namely 1000-1200 and 1900-2000. There are always ways around it though, as a walk to […]

Lockdown Days 78-81

Monday 1 June 2020 – Thursday 4 June 2020 The first week of Phase 2 in the Alicante region hasn’t really changed much for us. It’s been nice to be out and about, but we haven’t eaten inside a restaurant yet or taken advantage of an air conditioned coffee lounge. The biggest news of the […]

Lockdown Day 77

The final daily lockdown diary today, and if you read on, you’ll see why it’s time to scale it back! Nothing happened!! If you are looking for the answers to yesterday’s music quiz, they are at the bottom of the post, but why not read what I have written before scrolling straight down there?! Sundays […]

Lockdown Day 76

Another nice day to be out and about, so long as you have a justified reason to do so! In the morning we took a red cross parcel round to our friends who are in quarantine. Well, the empanadas are bad for MY waistline so they are better off elsewhere! Some of Trish’s gingerbread cake […]

Lockdown Day 75

Friday 29 May 2020 Eleven weeks ago we sat outside for a coffee by the beach not really understanding the implications of what was about to happen. How the world has changed in that time. Hopefully some of those changes are for the better and will bring about long lasting change. We can only hope. […]

Lockdown Day 74

Thursday 28 May 2020 Another sunny day and the countdown is on until we can go out and really enjoy it. In a surprise move the Spanish government announced 24 hours earlier than expected that we will move into Phase 2 on Monday. How will that change our lives? Only time will tell but we […]

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