Lockdown Day 7

Happy Mothers’ Day! Like many people currently bunkered down in their house, I had a long chat with my Mum. It’s funny, I haven’t lived at home since I was 16 yet in these strange times I felt as far away as I think I ever have. I can’t imagine I’m alone with that feeling. […]

Lockdown Day 6

Saturday 21 March 2020 So as we enter our second week of Spain’s State of Emergency, it’s time to reflect on what is happening. It’s a sad state of affairs but this lockdown is looking absolutely necessary and not even close to an overreaction. We try not to think about the numbers too much as […]

Things Change Quickly

Friday 13th March 2020 In the morning everything carried on as normal despite the overnight announcement that Brighton’s weekend football match with Arsenal had been postponed because the Gunners’ manager had tested positive. We did some light food shopping, still anticipating being in the UK the following week. Then we went for a walk, bought […]


Thursday 12 March 2020 We knew it was coming. Let’s face it, anyone who was still in denial needed their head examining. Even so, the idea of our comfortable lives changing beyond all recognition is a frightening prospect and it’s very hard to anticipate exactly what those changes are going to entail. We had a […]

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